A Christian View of Design

As designers and Christians, we are to co-create with the Spirit of God, selflessly serving others by helping them birth their ideas.

Breakthrough: Enneagram Coaching With Sue Mohr

Do you sometimes feel you’re going about life because it’s what you’ve always done, but deep inside your divinely creative side is dying? Sue Mohr shares her secrets!

The Tension Between Creatives and the Church

The vast majority of artists feel disenfranchised, misunderstood, and on the periphery of their church.

When Creativity is Ministry

My house suddenly looked like a home! I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time because the space I’d been less-than-enthused about immediately became my favorite room.

How Do You Get Ideas

Christian artist and retired art professor, Gary Wilson, converses with WP Films Director Darren Wilson about methods to generate ideas for creative works.

Biggest Regret

With an impressive professional résumé under his belt, artist and creative Gary Wilson answers the big question, “What is your biggest regret?”

Is There Such a Thing as Christian Art?

Gary Wilson and his son, WP Film Director Darren Wilson, answer the question of whether art can be Christian?

How to Overcome Perfectionism During the Learning Curve

Wouldn’t it be liberating to lay down that shield, cease from trying to earn approval and acceptance through performance, and take flight instead?

Word Choice Matters

“It’s a very important lesson we’re learning today.” I watched from behind the blue-painted podium as students gave each other panicked looks. 

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 7

Where can the Christian artist go to live this exciting life of creative faith? There are two broad levels of Christian art: professional and amateur.

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 6

What is the difference between caring so deeply about our art or taking profound joy in it and sinful pride?

Better Than Eavesdropping

Sometimes, we don’t have to make all the wrong choices before we make the right one. Sometimes, we can learn from someone who’s been around the block before.

Four Ways to Prep Your Store for the Holidays

Check out the following tips to maximize your Marketplace presence and attract sales this season! 

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 5

The role of the artist has always been a source of discomfort for those in charge of the Church. Artists are not good little soldiers who love to march in line.

Understanding Author’s Craft

So how do we understand author’s craft more authentically? And how do we appreciate it in order to make ourselves better writers?

How To Be A Courageous Creative With Jenny Randle

Wouldn’t you love to learn about how to be free to be who God made you to be? What does it look like to live that way? Join Jill’s conversation with author and Emmy-winner Jenny Randle.

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 4

The same Spirit who guides in the crafting of the work signals us with a release when we are done.

Painting My Freedom

We are all created in the image of God. He is creative, so we have that ability to create as well, though your method may be different from mine.

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 3

The Creator has made us to be creators as well. Madeliene L’Engle says that the creation of the universe is still going on and we have been called to do our part in it.

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