Kingdom Winds Collective

Advancing the Kingdom Together

A Powerful Alliance and Platform

Bringing Breakthrough for Christian Creatives and Ministries


Be found. Build brand. Expand audience. Grow influence. Sell products. Prosper.

Kingdom Winds is a groundbreaking platform designed to expand the reach, influence, and success of Christian creatives! At the heart of this new enterprise is the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian authors, artists, artisans, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, and ministries. Our revolutionary approach offers a radical paradigm shift in reaching your audience, attaining financial success, and ultimately—advancing the Kingdom of God!

The primary purpose of the collective is to dramatically increase the exposure and reach of its members and their works to the intended target market—achieved through the combined draw of content, aggregated followership, and an integrated shared marketplace. Members are able to build their personal brand, ministries, and influence while exponentially increasing the distribution of their works. Altogether, this provides a rich opportunity for significant financial benefit to members, but most importantly—it advances the Kingdom of God through dispersing His inspired messages and works.

Join the Kingdom Winds Collective to take your reach, influence, and success to new heights!

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“These are the four winds of heaven that disperse His power and enact His will.”  Zechariah 6:5 (The Voice)

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