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Kingdom Winds Publishing combines the advantages of independent (or “Indie”) publishing with opportunities found in traditional publishing. We extend the hands-on assistance from start-to- finish that you might find with a traditional publisher—without relinquishing content control, your book rights, or a large portion of your profit margin. And, unlike any other publisher, we offer our groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind digital platform to promote, market and drive sales of your book.

Authors who land deals with traditional publishers can often go from exhilaration to disappointment when they realize the dramatic drop in profit margin and the loss of content control and book rights. Conversely, independently or “self-” published authors are discouraged by the lack of support through the process and then lack of sales down the road.

All things contemplated, we tend to consider ourselves to be a Hybrid Indie Publisher that uses a partnership approach. We do not take on every manuscript that we see, but when we do, each book becomes a joint venture. We believe that this translates into a very unique and compelling value proposition for our authors.

Partnership Approach

Kingdom Winds takes a partnership approach to everything we do. As it relates to book publishing, this starts with the fact that we share the investment risk of each book we publish. This means that we are selective with manuscripts and do charge for our work associated with creating and publishing books. However, we do not aim to make a profit with our publishing services like our competitors, but instead look to share in the success of the book.

As a result, our prices are almost always better than other independent, hybrid, or even self-publishers. And, importantly, this does not mean that we sacrifice quality, because as partners, we want you, your book, and Kingdom Winds all to shine and share in its success. Our goal is to get these works both into print and into the hands of a broad audience.

As a partner, we also financially model and proactively manage the supply chain and channel economics for each book. We do this to help our author’s understand the nuances and position them to obtain the best financial results.

We invite you to get a free custom quote to see for yourself how reasonably we price our services as well as how favorably your book sales economics compare. Please visit our FAQs page to learn more about our pricing philosophy and approach.

Publisher Comparison at a Glance

Showcase Books on the Premier Christian Platform

Very importantly, our published authors are welcomed into the Kingdom Winds Collective—our formal alliance of Christian creatives and ministries. Beyond entitling you to exclusive benefits and value-added support services, you gain access to the premier digital Christian platform to promote, market and drive sales of your book! is our groundbreaking digital publishing platform with an integrated Etsy-style marketplace. The multimedia destination site features articles, podcasts, videos, and music created by the Kingdom Winds Collective. Each member has their own dedicated store within the Kingdom Winds Marketplace to showcase and sell their books, artwork, music, home goods, jewelry, films, and more.

Kingdom Winds Publishing effectively bridges the gap between traditional and Indie publishing to provide a superior value proposition. Higher margins, lower costs, and our proprietary platform offer a better opportunity to drive profitable sales—while further advancing the Kingdom of God!

Choose Kingdom Winds Publishing to experience our powerful new approach to publishing, promoting, and selling Christian books!

Kingdom Winds Publishing Process

From the initial consultation, Kingdom Winds Publishing works to understand your heart, preferences, and objectives for your book. We then conduct an editorial review of your manuscript to determine acceptance for publication. If approved, our editor also provides an assessment of editorial needs for the book.

At this point, we prepare a custom publishing proposal according to your objectives and our editor’s feedback. Each proposal provides three different combinations of services and publishing choices, with optional add-ons for consideration.

We view each book as a partnership and share in the objective of getting it into print, so we price our publishing services much more affordably than other independent or even self-publishers. We also work to help authors optimize by detailing profit margin projections across various channels and proactively managing the supply chain. This helps create greater transparency and better position authors for financial success.

Upon acceptance of the agreement and payment, Kingdom Winds Publishing places a talented team of publishing professionals around you to help make your book shine. From copy editing to cover design to interior layout to final proof, we work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction and make your book stand out.

Here is a snapshot view of the Kingdom Winds Publishing process:

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