Kingdom Winds Collective

Kingdom Winds Collective


Be found. Build brand. Expand audience. Grow influence. Sell products. Prosper.


Breakthrough for Christian Creatives and Ministries

The Kingdom Winds Collective is an alliance of talented authors, artists, artisans, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, and ministries dedicated to creating quality Christian content and works. This alliance, along with the groundbreaking website, provides a powerful means to greatly expand exposure and drive product sales through its unique marketplace.

Kingdom Winds fills a previous void by providing a greatly needed nexus for talented Christian creatives to engage with the exact audience seeking this specific type of content. Similarly, it offers important visibility and voice to both established and emerging Kingdom-focused ministries.

Our primary mission is to bridge these two large, growing affinity groups—Christian content producers and Christian content consumers. By joining together with others and publishing fresh, compelling online content, Kingdom Winds Collective members experience a dramatic lift in exposure and reach over what they could achieve on their own.


Empowering Members to Advance the Kingdom

Members are able to build their own personal brand and following through fresh content creation, including publication of new material or excerpts from previous works. And, very importantly, Kingdom Winds Collective members are provided an extraordinary means to showcase their published books, music, films, art, podcasts, and other works to their specific target market through the Amazon-style Kingdom Winds Marketplace, potentially resulting in an exponential boost in sales.

Additionally, Kingdom Winds provides a variety of value-added services to further empower collective members, delivered by like-minded, Kingdom-focused professionals. These current offerings include book publishing, marketing, web design, and consulting, with plans to roll-out event management and other services in the near future.


Experience the Kingdom Winds Collective Benefits

This already compelling value proposition is further enhanced through an array of financial benefits. Beyond its low marketplace commission structure, Kingdom Winds Collective members enjoy discounts on all Kingdom Winds services. All-in, combining our revolutionary new platform with very tangible financial advantages helps collective members expand their audience, grow influence, and economically prosper.

Most importantly, Kingdom Winds helps to advance the Kingdom by providing greatly needed exposure for the God-inspired messages and works that might otherwise be undiscovered and unseen by those who might enjoy, be inspired by, and benefit from it the most. Stated another way—like the winds of heaven, Kingdom Winds broadly disperses God’s inspired messages and works according to His purpose.


Let Kingdom Winds help you take your ministry to new heights!


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