Kingdom Winds Church Stream

Kingdom Winds Church Stream


Expanding Reach of Livestream, Webcasts, and Broadcasts

Kingdom Winds is excited to announce the launch of Kingdom Winds Broadcast—what we believe will become the premier destination place for Christian Church streaming video! From weekly services to worship nights to conferences to studio broadcasts, visitors will find an enriching array of content to stream on demand.

The Kingdom Winds Broadcast mission is to bring the online Christian community together with the messages, teachings, worship, and prayer of our church partners. This online nexus enables churches to increase their influence, impact, and following by expanding exposure and reach of its digital broadcasts amongst those seeking this specific type of content.

A Powerful Platform and Alliance to Advance the Kingdom is a groundbreaking platform that is quickly becoming one of the leading online destinations for fresh, new Christian content. At its heart is Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian creatives and ministries who have joined together to advance the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Winds Broadcast (including joining with church partners), represents an important component of the overall Kingdom Winds multimedia expansion and diversification plan. Another parallel initiative is Kingdom Winds Radio, our destination spot for Christian podcasts. Also, stay tuned for the launch of our new Kingdom Winds Music platform currently under development.

By integrating all these elements into the overall Kingdom Winds platform, we can rapidly grow our audience and expose them to a broader array of creative works and content.  And, specifically, churches are able to reach new audiences to which they would otherwise likely not be exposed. Practically, this translates into accelerated growth, broadened outreach, greater impact of your ministry, and more lives changed.

Partnering for Greater Outreach

In keeping with our mission to disperse God-inspired messages and desire to continually enhance our visitors’ experience, we invite churches to become Kingdom Winds Church Partners to extend the impact of their ministries. Churches get their own dedicated channel, content publication requires little or no work (with our AutoPilot Program)—and there is no cost!

Joining the Kingdom Winds Collective as a Church Partner opens your church service streaming video content to an expanded audience. Church partners may also publish other content, such as podcasts and written posts. Additionally, church partners can opt to enhance their membership with the inclusion of a dedicated online store within the Kingdom Winds Marketplace.

4 Steps to Greater Outreach

1. Apply  Online 2. Get Approval  3. Accept Agreement  4. Publish

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AutoPilot Program

Our AutoPilot Program essentially does what it implies—it removes the burden of submitting or publishing content from our church partners. In most cases, when you publish new content, we can independently gather and publish it on our platform.

For broadcast video, if you stream on YouTube or Vimeo, we simply capture the embed code and publish them on Kingdom Winds. For regular written posts and podcasts, we are able to automatically import your content through your RSS feeds, polish them up, and publish them.