Kingdom Winds Collective Church Partners

Kingdom Winds Collective Church Partners


Joining Together to Advance the Kingdom

In support of our vision to advance the Kingdom through broadly dispersing God-inspired works, Kingdom Winds invites Christian churches to become Kingdom Winds Collective members. The Kingdom Winds multimedia platform provides a unique opportunity to increase exposure, reach, and influence.

Accordingly, we invite our church partners to publish any portion or all of its digital content on the platform, including broadcast video, podcasts, and written posts. We will also soon be launching Kingdom Winds Music.

And, we have recently expanded what we call our “AutoPilot Program”, which is designed to remove work on your end by automating the process.

AutoPilot Program

Our AutoPilot Program essentially does what it implies—it removes the burden of submitting or publishing content from our church partners. In most cases, when you publish new content, we can independently gather and publish it on our platform.

For broadcast video, if you stream on YouTube or Vimeo, we simply capture the embed code and publish them on Kingdom Winds. For regular written posts and podcasts, we are able to automatically import your content through your RSS feeds, polish them up, and publish them.

Church Partner Benefits

Beyond this expanded outreach, Church Partners also enjoy the same benefits as other collective members, including discounts on value-added services such as book publishing, web design, marketing, and more. This information can be found on the Kingdom Winds Collective By the Numbers page.

Church Partners may also choose to offer products in their own dedicated store within the integrated Kingdom Winds Marketplace. If so, these products will be displayed alongside your published posts. (Maintaining a store is an option and not a requirement.)

Kingdom Winds Church Stream

Kingdom Winds Church Stream is our innovative, integrated platform specifically designed for church streaming video content. This destination spot brings together the online Christian community with recorded webcast messages, teachings, worship, and prayer by our church partners.

Please visit the Kingdom Winds Church Stream page to learn more or the Kingdom Winds Broadcast home page to get a glimpse. Or, simply click below to submit an application to become a Kingdom Winds Collective Church Partner.

KW Broadcast Church Stream APPLY NOW

1- Kingdom Winds collects a 16% commission on marketplace sales. Additionally, member is responsible to pay Stripe merchant fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.) 2- Commissions and fees are automatically netted from transactions and funds are typically distributed to members within a few days. 3- Members maintain their own stores and fulfill their own orders; however, Kingdom Winds may make services available to assist members upon request.