FAQ – Community

In short, Kingdom Winds is a groundbreaking, multi-media destination website featuring Christian content created by the Kingdom Winds Collective.  Contemporaneous content such as articles, music, videos, and podcasts is posted daily. Additionally, Kingdom Winds provides a marketplace for members’ published and created physical and digital works such as books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, art, sculpture, pottery, apparel, jewelry, home goods, and more.

In general, marketplace products are Christian in nature; however, Kingdom Winds will allow other products from collective members that are not overtly Christian, but are consistent with Christian values and beliefs. Specific examples include children’s books, fictional books, and other works created by collective members. Kingdom Winds endeavors to support our collective members in the best way possible, but we also reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to exclude or remove specific products from our Marketplace.

The Kingdom Winds Collective is an alliance of talented writers, podcast producers, musicians, videographers, artists, and ministries dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God through the creation and delivery of quality Christian content, products, services, outreach, and ministerial works.

Kingdom Winds provides the structure and platform for this gifted group to have a greater voice and showcase its works. Members also receive benefits and advantages otherwise unavailable to them.

We are always looking for new talent to join the collective. We are actively accepting applications for full or associate membership. Additionally, we offer Signature and Featured Memberships by invitation only. Please visit KingdomWindsCollective.com for more information about the benefits of membership, specific details, and how things work—as well as to request more information or apply.

Kingdom Winds has one prime focus—the Kingdom of God. As a result, we share the same core beliefs and objectives to lift up the Kingdom. We understand the Christian community that you are trying to reach because we are part of it. Additionally, we are committed to being grounded in Kingdom principles in how we operate and partner with others. Overall, we believe this focus, knowledge and understanding allows us to provide superior support and assistance.

And, beyond those important factors, we offer discounts and exclusive offers to our collective members that make our services very affordable. It is our desire to build relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

For more information, please visit Services.

Kingdom Winds provides a variety of other services through our affiliated partners, including:

  • Publishing;
  • Marketing;
  • Web Design and Development;
  • Consulting and Advisory; and
  • Promotions and Events.

Because of our strong grounding in the Christian faith and space, we are uniquely positioned to be able to support Christian authors, artists, musicians, and ministries to achieve their objectives. Although we always strive to maintain value-rich pricing, we provide these services at a true discount as a benefit to collective members.

Our Kingdom Winds Services page offers more information. Additionally, we may be reached by email at [email protected], via our Services Contact Form, or by phone at 704.909.8730.

Kingdom Winds gathered inspiration for its name from Zechariah 6:5, when an angel declared, “These are the four winds of heaven that disperse His power and enact His will.” We believe that this figuratively describes both the essence of our mission and the call on us to advance the Kingdom. Like the winds of heaven, Kingdom Winds will disperse God’s inspired messages and works according to His purpose.

Yes. Kingdom Winds is a multidimensional start-up enterprise based in Greenville, South Carolina. We have been built for growth with a flexible work environment that is purpose-driven and people-centric. We are a Kingdom business with a foundation built upon Kingdom principles and values. We embrace talent, but particularly cherish character and heart.

Please visit the Kingdom Winds Career Center for more information. The link can be found in the footer on the right side. In the Career Center, you may: 1) see open positions, 2) apply for an open position, 3) express interest in employment, 4) send us your information for future consideration, 5) pursue joining the Kingdom Winds Collective, or 6) contact us.

Yes. Kingdom Winds embraces a culture of creativity. We encourage and love for our associates to also use their creative gifts, talents, and callings individually as collective members.

KingdomWinds.com visitors and community members of today are often our collective members of tomorrow. An important part of our mission is to encourage new and emerging Christian creatives and ministries to pursue their callings, develop, and grow.

We have created KingdomWindsCollective.com specifically for current and future collective members. Please visit this site to learn more about membership and its benefits, find comprehensive information, request more information, and apply for membership. You may also visit the About section and find helpful links in the footer on KingdomWinds.com.