Kingdom Winds Collective Membership

Kingdom Winds Collective Membership


Be found. Build brand. Expand audience. Grow influence. Sell products. Prosper.

Kingdom Winds is a groundbreaking platform designed to expand the reach, influence, and success of Christian creatives! At the heart of this new enterprise is the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian authors, artists, artisans, podcasters, filmmakers, musicians, and ministries. Our revolutionary approach offers a radical paradigm shift in reaching your audience, attaining financial success, and ultimately—advancing the Kingdom of God!

Kingdom Winds Collective—Innovation to Power Success

Through our innovative business model, Kingdom Winds Collective provides a powerful means for you to broaden exposure with your target market, showcase your talents and products, and profitably sell your products! provides the ultimate nexus between Christian creatives and the Christian online community.

  • Digital Content Publication– is our groundbreaking, multimedia digital platform dedicated to publishing quality Christian content created by you and other talented collective members.
  • Marketplace– Each collective member receives a personalized store within the Kingdom Winds Marketplace to showcase and sell products—with highly attractive financial terms to help you prosper!
  • Target Audience– offers an exponential increase in exposure and reach—putting you, your content and products in front of your exact target audience.
  • Branding– Your collective member feature page, content, and products are all tied together in one place to help you further build your brand.
  • Support Services– When you join the Kingdom Winds Collective, you gain access to discounts on a variety of value-added Kingdom Winds services to help you succeed—delivered by trusted partners with shared objectives and beliefs.

The Kingdom Winds Collective Advantage


We believe God intends for His inspired works to reach their intended audience and for creatives like you to prosper.


♦ Expand exposure and reach.


♦ Build your brand through content publication.


♦ Lower costs on sales, marketing, and needed services.


♦ Eliminate financial risk through shift to a variable cost model.


♦ Drive product sales.


♦ Realize the financial prosperity intended for you.


Kingdom Winds Collective By The Numbers

Through our game-changing business model, Kingdom Winds offers you a tremendous opportunity to expand sales volume. Additionally, joining the Kingdom Winds Collective offers very specific financial benefits in the form of discounts on services needed by growth-oriented Christian creatives and ministries. Combining all of this with our mostly variable and highly competitive cost structure can be truly transformative to your bottom line.

For more details on the numbers, including specific financial benefits and costs, please visit our Kingdom Winds Collective By the Numbers page.

By the Numbers

Join the Kingdom Winds Collective today to see your influence and success soar!

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