Four Ways to Prep Your Store for the Holidays

Check out the following tips to maximize your Marketplace presence and attract sales this season! 

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Mariah Carey and Wham! are on radio repeat, which can only mean one thing: Christmas is around the corner. It’s time to break out the ornament boxes, bake the perfect holiday cookies, and even get your Kingdom Winds store ready for holiday shopping!

Check out the following tips to maximize your Marketplace presence and attract sales this season!



There’s a reason stores are covered in that vibrant red and green this time of year; image is everything! Customers’ eyes are naturally drawn to decor that matches the season they’re shopping for, so pull in winter colors to draw a welcoming and festive look.

Get creative, too, and maybe even outdoorsy with your product images. Feel free to add red ribbon, sprinkle a little tinsel, or use your Christmas tree as a backdrop. Whatever winter knickknacks you have lying around (including those Russian Babushka dolls!), find a way to invite them into the scene. It’ll help catch second glances!



Who doesn’t love a good coupon? Whatever the discount percentage may be, customers love feeling like they were a part of a deal. So use your social media following to share the Marketplace good news: “20% off now!” or “A New Year gift with $5 off on your next purchase!”

Why not try your hand at fun codes, too? Through your Kingdom Winds dashboard, you can create silly or seasonally appropriate names. “DeckTheHalls” or “JesusIsHere.” There’s no limit to whatever Christmas spirit you’re in!



For vendors with more than one product in the Marketplace, try your hand at Christmas bundles. The Marketplace offers various display features and “bundles” may be one you experiment with this month. Offer two different pieces of jewelry for a competitive price. Or, market a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a favorite hat for a limited time offer. Not only does this spread the word about your product versatility, but it incentivizes the purchase of a unique collection!



Last, but not least, don’t forget about your product descriptions. Let your customers know who your products are perfect for or how they can use it this time of year. Chances are, you know more about your products than anyone else. So don’t be afraid to tell them that the mugs on display are perfect for hot cocoa on a chilly day.

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