The Struggle Over Motivation

What if the thing you think about when you close your eyes at night is the very thing that you were purposed to do before birth?

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When something is created, it has a purpose. I think it’s safe to assume that scientists and inventors don’t just spend hours creating things without purpose. Artists and artisans handcraft masterpieces to display something deep from within that they need to get out and that, usually, other people need to see as well. Whether a problem needs to be fixed, an emotion needs a canvas, or something is being made that we never knew we needed, creating things is what keeps the world in a constant state of motion. This is what our ultimate Creator knew when it was time to fashion each of us.

As He molded you and me, there was a purpose behind His creativity. An eternal being stood outside of time and matter to see what could be added to fix a problem or to shed light on a new concept. He thought of new ways He could be glorified (because they are endless), and then He chose us with all those things in mind. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse we tend to cling to, but do we understand what it means for us? Do we understand what it’s saying about us?

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope’” (NLT).

He has plans for us, and I think it’s pretty comforting in times when we feel lost on our journey. But the thing I have really been focused on lately is that this verse is not just for me. It’s a verse for every human walking the planet besides me, near and far. And if He has plans to give us all a future and a hope, maybe we’re connected in it somehow. Maybe we play a part in each other’s future and hope. Our Father makes it pretty clear that we were designed to do life together, so it’s most likely to be true that His plans include us partnering with Him and each other.

What if the thing you think about when you close your eyes at night (that you never have time for because of the busyness of life) is the very thing that you were purposed to do before birth? But not only that, what if someone else’s future or hope is connected to that thing?

It’s so important that we walk with Him daily to know what that thing is. Distractions are a dime a dozen but purpose is lasting. I truly believe I was created to mother the four children I have, and sometimes, “life” gets in the way of me doing that well. I know that there is purpose behind my desire to write and my desire to empower people to love well and tap into their creativity. I have had the opportunity to walk out those purposes at times, and in other seasons, my motivation to pursue my purpose has been buried under concerns or exhaustion.

Scripture tells us that we have an enemy who knows the Word of God. He knows Jeremiah 29:11. And wouldn’t it be wise of him to combat that plan with a plan of his own? How many times have you found yourself too run-down with everyday life to find the time or energy to do those things you’re most passionate about? How many times have you regretted not getting up earlier or not stopping that social media scroll sooner? What good things have you filled your time with that someone else could have done so that you could focus on God’s plans? Do you wonder where your motivation is?

The enemy will use any kind of distraction to keep us from going hard after God’s purpose for our lives. He will try to squash your motivation and with good reason. If your hope and your future can create hope and a future for even one more person on this planet, it’s obvious that there would be opposition from the enemy over it. The struggle for us to find motivation to do what is in our hearts is not something to take lightly. I suggest that it is part of the spiritual warfare over our souls and the souls of others.

It’s time for us to win the battle for our motivation. If God is putting something on your heart, it’s not a mistake or a suggestion. I believe it’s the future and the hope He refers to in Jeremiah 29:11. Maybe our Father’s plans are way bigger than we can imagine, but I don’t mean the number of followers you have. I mean, what if the painting you are putting off is literally a tool from Heaven to transform someone’s life that you will never meet? What if that book you’re not writing is a salvation call for people in other countries?

Maybe there is a child who needs fostering or adoption that you were chosen to meet. And it’s possible the business you are being summoned to launch is the employment for families crying out for hope and a future. You just haven’t met them yet. The possibilities are endless for how our lives can weave together, and only God knows how to create those beautiful connections.

We need to do our part, though. The key is to know what God’s plan is for your life and push for the motivation to accomplish it. It’s not easy, I know. Finding motivation to pursue any new thing is a difficult mountain to climb. But I believe that on the other side of that mountain, He’s giving you and others a future and a hope. If you don’t have your purpose in mind yet, make it a priority to find out what He’s thinking and then run with perseverance (and motivation) the race you were given to run. (Heb. 12:1-3).


This post was written by Kassi Russell, a wife and mom by day, and a writer by night (and in the car, or at soccer games). Kassi is originally from Greenville, SC where she and her husband met in middle school and have been married for 12 years. Her passion for writing blossomed in Atlanta, GA where her four children (ages 8, 6, 2 and 1) completed their tribe. She is currently writing a series of children’s books and blogging. Along with writing she enjoys music and arts, the great outdoors, and well-written movies.

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